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WebSite Management

Websites page

On website list page, a list of websites is displayed. The page contains up to 10 websites and a pagination.

The list contains the following details:

  • status
  • name
  • url
  • rate (usd)
  • keywords
  • created at

There is also an ability to sort websites by creation date

Create / edit website

To create website click the Add New Website button

To edit website click on the website from the list and click Edit Website button.

Website create/edit page contains the following sections:

Basic Information.

  • Website name (required)
  • Website url

Monetization and Matching Settings.

  • Rate (required. Specified in USD). Rate is paid for 1000 Minimum rate is 0.01 USD.
  • Geo targets (Select one or more countries. Banners will be distributed only to visitors from those countries)
  • Keywords (required, min – 1, max – 100. Keywords should be separated by “, “)

Website actions

Edit website

This is the same view as on Create website page. You can change the website settings here.

Delete website

Delete website. Deleted websites will not be visible in website list.

Create New Ad Placement

Create new ad placement for this website.

Website statuses

Website can have one of the statuses: Pending, Published, Blocked and Pending Removal.

1) Pending. Indicates that website has no placements or banners are not matched with placements. Operations allowed: Create placement, Edit/Delete website.

2) Published. Banners are distributed on the website and at least one banner has matched with placements. Operations allowed: Create placement.

3) Blocked. Indicates that website is blocked by admin. Please, contact AdBank support for details. Operations allowed: Delete website.

4) Pending Removal. Indicates that website is being removed. It appears when a user deletes their website, but banners were recently distributed on this website. The system will keep such website for some time to make sure that all statistics is gathered and all debts are paid.

Also, website can be deleted. Deleted websites are not shown in the list and are not available for viewing or editing.

Website view

On the website view page, all information about website is displayed. Also there is a possibility to edit/delete website or add/open placement.

The page contains the following details:

  • name
  • rate (usd)
  • url
  • keywords
  • creation date

Also there is a list of placements and an option to Create New Ad Placement.

Updated on January 16, 2019

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