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User Account Management

Account page

Each User in the system has a Personal Profile Page where their personal information is displayed.

The Personal Profile consists of the information that was provided by the User during the registration process:

  • Full name
  • Role
  • Email address
  • Internal Wallet Address
  • External Wallet Address

The user can edit their account information through the Account Edit page by clicking the Edit button.

Account Edit page

The Account Edit page consists of several blocks:

  • Basic Information
  • Change password
  • Location
  • Additional Data
  • Delete User AdBank Account

Basic Information

In this block the user can change their first name, last name and birth date. The email address is not editable.

Password Change

In the change password block, user can change their password. To change the password, the user must enter the current password, then set and confirm the new password.


In the Location block, the user can change the location that was set during account registration.

Additional Data

Options in the Additional block can be toggled on or off. The user can choose whether they’d like to receive email updates on usage of ADB tokens by account, receive notifications on account usage and receive information on AdBank offers.

Account Delete

A user account can be deleted in few simple steps.

If the user decides to delete the AdBank account, they must click the Delete button on the edit account page, then confirm this action with account’s password. They will then be prompted to provide an external wallet where ADB tokens will be transferred from their account.

Once a user account has been deleted, the user will receive an email letter with confirmation of account deletion and the amount of ADB tokens that were transferred to the new wallet.

If user has any debts and there is not enough funds in the account to cover those debts, the user will receive an email with a statement of the amount of debt and the wallet address that needs to be replenished.

Updated on January 15, 2019

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