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Matching and Multiple Geo-Targeting



Matching is an automatic process of finding and linking banners and placements in the adbank system. Matching affects advertiser’s banner distribution and has an impact on a publisher’s revenue.


The Matching process starts when an advertiser finishes all steps of banner creation. Matching finds corresponding banners and placements and takes into account the following information:

1) Rate.  Campaign rate must not be lower than website’s impression minimum price

2) Keywords.  At least one keyword in campaign/banner should match website/placement keywords.  Keywords can be assigned to campaign and website, banner and placement. When advertiser sets keywords for banner. These keywords override campaign keywords. When advertiser has keywords only on campaign, those keywords are used for every banner in matching process. The same works for publisher with websites and placements.

3) Dimensions and types.  Banner is matched to placement according to dimension and type. Banner and placement must have the same dimensions to be linked. Also, banner and placement types are considered. Banners of type Image and Html5 are matched to Banner, button or rectangle placements.  Publishers have an option to choose Floating DHTML placement that is linked to banners of type Image and Html5. Other banners have the corresponding types of placements. ie. overlay video banner and overlay video placement.

4) Geo Targets  Campaign and website can have multiple geo targets. Campaign and website must have same or none geo targets to match.

In a case when no banners were matched and a campaign has a Pending status, matching will be repeated for this campaign in intervals. There is also a functionality to manually match banners with placements for adbank admins.

Geo targeting


Geo targeting is a functionality that allows banners to be distributed only to users from specific countries. Currently, advertisers and publishers can choose all, one or multiple countries for their websites and campaigns. This data will affect the matching.

Technical Details

Geo targeting is provided by MaxMind GeoIP. When a user requests a banner, their ip address is analyzed by MaxMind company and current location of the user is returned. Then, the system decides whether a banner should be shown to the user. For example, when a campaign has a geo target enabled for Canada and a user with ip address from Mexico requests one of the campaign’s banners, the content will not be shown. Thus, impression will not be recorded.

Updated on January 16, 2019

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