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Rich Media Video Builder

Adbank’s H5P builder allows you to build rich media (interactive) video banners. Add interactive content to video banners like questions & answers, CTA’s, or anything else you can think of!

In order to login into the H5P Builder, the user must provide the following information:

  • Email
  • Password

Only the user with the role ADVERTISER can log into the system.

Upon providing valid login credentials, the user will be redirected to their list of h5p banners. The user’s session will be stored in cookies and the database:

To logout, the user will click the logout button in the top right corner of the screen. The corresponding user session will be terminated.

To create new h5p banner, the Advertiser needs to click CREATE NEW H5P BANNER button:

Then advertiser needs to input banner name and then upload a video. Max size for video – 20MB:

When the banner is created, the advertiser will see it at the first in the list of banners. All new banners are created in Draft status:

The banner list contains the following details:

  • Banner name
  • Status
  • Date of creation
  • Play button
  • Edit button
  • Delete button

The Advertiser can play a h5p banner in a popup by clicking on a play button:

As well, the advertiser can edit the h5p banner by clicking on the edit button. The Builder page contains a video player, save (cancel) button, publish button, and list of elements:

After building the banner, the Advertiser needs to click Publish button, then the banner can be added to their campaign at the AdBank Portal.

Multichoice element:

Multiple Choice questions can be used for testing well-defined skills related to a certain topic. Multiple Choice questions can be an effective assessment tool when they are created properly and the learner is given immediate feedback on their own performance. The H5P Multiple Choice questions can have a single or multiple correct options per question.

Click on the Multichoice element at Elements list.

To create multiple choice elements in the video, the advertiser needs to input:

  • Element name (required)
  • Display time (required for both fields)
  • Pause video checkbox (optional)
  • Add image (optional)
  • Question (required)
  • Options (required)

The Advertiser can add more options or remove options, and then needs to chose one or more correct answers. When multichoice is created, the advertiser will see it in the list of created elements at the bottom of the video:

The elements list contains the following details:

  • Element name
  • Element type
  • Display time
  • Image
  • Play button
  • Edit button
  • Delete button

While watching the video, when the multichoice element is displayed, the user will see the multichoice with image, question, and answer options. The user can then submit the correct answer to continue watching the video.

Updated on January 29, 2019

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