AdBank Network is an advertising platform that supports multiple media formats, providing advertisers with a highly capable yet easy to manage system for delivering their digital advertising campaigns.

General information

Currently, AdBank supports ads formats: image, html5, overlay / inline video and h5p interactive video.  Image ads are delivered through iframe, video ads are delivered through VAST 2.0.  All click through URLs will be opened in new window (target=_blank).

Decision making and linking banners to placements is automatic and distribution status is reflected in statuses of corresponding campaigns / websites and banners. All financial operations are performed directly between the advertiser and publisher using ADB tokens.

Please note, that we don’t limit advertisers to using only https, but please, consider https as default format for all your URLs. Also, please keep the sizes of your creative files as small as possible.

Image specification

The Adbank Network system supports the following image types: jpeg, gif, png, swf.

All images are uploaded into AdBank system from advertisers as a file. The maximum allowed file size is 5MB.

HTML5 banner must be a .zip file with index.html. Allowed file types in .zip:

  • image – png, jpg, jpeg, gif, bmp, svg, mp3
  • video – mp4, mpg, avi, mkv, flv, mov, webm
  • other – html, js, css, ogg, woff, woff2, eot, ds_store, ini

H5P banner must be a .h5p file with h5p.json. For more details, please visit h5p specification website.

Supported image dimensions:

Medium rectangle (300 x 250)Large rectangle (336 x 280)Leaderboard (728 x 90)
Half page (300 x 600)Large mobile banner (320 x 100)Mobile leaderboard (320 x 50)
Banner (468 x 60)Half banner (234 x 60)Skyscraper (120 x 600)
Vertical banner (120 x 240)Portrait (300 x 1050)Wide skyscraper (160 x 600)
Large leaderboard (970 x 90)Billboard (970 x 250)Square (250 x 250)
Small square (200 x 200)Small rectangle (180 x 150)Button (125 x 125)

Video specification

AdBank doesn’t host video files, so all video content must be provided using direct URL to the ad video.  Allowed video formats: mp4, webm, flv.

Inline video is skippable after 5 seconds and overlay images will disappear after 5 seconds of being displayed. All video ads are delivered through VAST 2.0.

Delivery details

Banners are linked to placements using automatic matching process. It takes in count campaign rate and website price, keywords, geo-target, dimensions and banner / placement types.

The Adbank System tracks impressions and clicks. Impressions are tracked using a tracking pixel. Revenue is calculated for ads impressions (CPM model).

Disturbing content

All image and video content are validated by the system and / or AdBank admins to ensure that no inappropriate content is shown on publisher websites.

AdBank system validates incoming media for disturbing content by Sightengine API ( When an Advertiser uploads a banner to the system, images and videos are reviewed for nudity, alcohol, drugs and weapons. Images are validated right away. Video is then sent to Sightengine and the validation process takes some time. Sightengine API which is based on neural network. When the service finishes the validation, AdBank system is notified with percents of disturbing content. The thresholds for AdBank system are:

  • weapon – 40%
  • drugs – 20%
  • alcohol – 20%
  • nudity – 70%

If any parameter of the image or video response are greater than the threshold, the system will then send this banner to admin validation mechanism. If approved, the banner will be set as status ACTIVE (for RUNNING campaign status) or AWAITING (for other campaign statuses).

If the banner contains inappropriate content, it is blocked and can’t be distributed. If a user continuously publishes banners with disturbing content, the user may be blocked.

Updated on January 15, 2019

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