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Executive Dashboard Features

The Executive Dashboard is made for activity tracking by stakeholders. Actions, such as new user creation or campaign status change can be easily tracked with this dashboard.

Access to the Executive Dashboard is implemented through the Administrative portal and access can be granted for any user.

The dashboard is shown as set of blocks with information on main actions that are happening in the adbank account in real time. When the dashboard is open, the user is able to track changes about the number of users that joined or left the adbank network, the number of campaigns and website that were created within the network, their statuses, and number of transactions that were executed. All statuses of campaigns, websites and users are trackable. As for the transactions, only three main statuses are represented.

Aggregated data is available right after login to administrative portal. This information is considered to be the starting point and will be recalculated on second sign in. All new data will be displayed as increasing or decreasing of values in specific blocks.

For example, if new advertiser is being registered, the number of non-confirmed advertisers will be increased and the amount of increase will be displayed in semicolons and green arrow will appear near the value. If advertiser confirms registration, the number of non-confirmed advertisers will be decreased and the number of confirmed will be increased.

Transfers are displayed for three main types, Deposits, Spent and Withdrawals.

Deposit is a type of transfer that is incoming to the user’s internal wallet from the wallet outside the adbank network.

Spent is a type of internal transfer that is a debt payment between two users within the adbank network. It is the debt, which is paid by advertiser to publisher for ad distribution.

Withdrawal is a type of transfer that is outgoing from the user’s internal wallet to the wallet outside the adbank network.

Updated on January 16, 2019

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