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Anti-fraud Mechanism

Impression Fraud is encountered when Ads are counted as served without being displayed to a visitor.  This type of fraudulent activity can be performed either by Malware or a Virtual Browser. Impression Fraud has grown increasingly high and is a type of fraud which generates invalid traffic to ads.

The AdBank antifraud system will stop anonymous proxies that attempt to bypass the site. The system protects against various types of fraud traffic such as Anonymous Proxy, Fraud Impressions, Bot Traffic, and more. In addition, Finger Print Identification identifies the Unique Id of the visitor to further corroborate real views.

When the Visitor visits the site, the Advertiser’s Ad will be randomly called and displayed to the visitor.  The first 5 banner requests within a duration of 60 seconds will be counted as impressions and for rest of the duration the impressions won’t be counted but the ad will still be displayed.

Updated on January 15, 2019

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