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Access Log of Administrative Portal

The Access Log represents the list of all sign in attempts of administrative portal users, admins, and executives. This log is available only to users with the executive role.

The access log contains the following data:

  • Status
  • Name
  • Role
  • IP Address
  • Date and Time


A sign in attempt status can be successful or failed. If a user provides an incorrect password, the login status will be Failed. If the user successfully signs into the admin portal, the status will be Success.


The Name represents the full name of the user. A User can be easily filtered by clicking on their name, so an executive can see all sign in attempts for that particular user. Filtering can be disabled by clicking the Logs button.


Roles for administrative portal are Admin and Executive.

IP Address

IP Address is caught on sign in request with X-Forwarded-For header and display the ip address, from which user executes the sign in attempt.

Date and Time

Date and time is given in UTC.

Updated on January 16, 2019

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